Personalised Holistic Health Coaching 

Are you going through life feeling unheard?


Do you feel like you’re not in alignment or balance?


Do you know or feel that you are hiding parts of yourself from others?


Does your life feel like it belongs to someone else?


There are a billion people on the planet each one of us unique but that uniqueness can be measured and understood to help you find your best self. 


Who you have become was written in your earliest days before you even saw your first dawn.


but making the most of YOU is entirely within your power now! 


Everyday is an opportunity to move toward yourself and away from the things you are not


Living to your strengths has never been easier with Personalised Health 360.

We will fast track you to self awareness and alignment read on to learn more about our Health tyoes a set of classifications linked by needs, tendencies and base genetics. 

Below we want you to try and begin to see who you are and owe have given you options either click 'find out more' for a short E-book on Healthypes or click Friendly face Consultation to speak to Karen direct 

What Type are you ?



  • Do you find you get irritated when people make changes to your personal space, whether it’s in the office or in your home? Is your personal space sacrosanct?

  • Do you hate when others make you rush, but also hate when they are late and, yet perhaps, you are sometimes behind schedule yourself?

  • Do you get decision fatigue or paralyzed when given too many options?

  • Do you find yourself craving routine and order so as not to become overwhelmed and drained by unscheduled events?

  • Do you find that spontaneity is not your thing?

  • Do you feel you allow people to redirect your energy, even at your own expense?

  • Do you prefer to take mornings slow, but outward demands have you running at full speed, first thing in the morning?


  • Does active movement make you feel alive?

  • Does quickly changing activities leave you feeling energized?

  • Does your body constantly have to be in motion?

  • Do you have to express your opinions immediately?

  • Do you burn calories at such a rate that you feel you need to eat all day long?

  • Do you crave a sense of freedom and adventure?

  • Do you find yourself being rebellious when others put constraints on you?

  • Do you have an ongoing stream of big ideas?

Working from Home


  • Do you really enjoy a family meal or hosting a meal with friends?

  • Do you find stress makes you want to go for the most comforting food in sight?

  • Do you become energized when you take care of others?

  • Do you find that your stamina far outlasts your friends? 

  • Do you regularly put others first, often at your own expense?

  • Are you built for comfort, not speed?


  • Do you find yourself energized when interacting with people?

  • Does your energy drop on cloudy days?

  • Do you love solving problems for yourself or others?

  • Do you secretly love being the center of attention?

  • Do you find every activity is better when you are in a group?

  • Do you lose energy when you have to be by yourself?

  • Are you always looking to learn something new?

  • Are you the eternal optimist, and find others are not optimistic enough?

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  • Are you constantly driving forward, and others just don’t understand your persistent energy to move towards your goal?

  • Do you need to eat regularly but hate that it takes you away from your present activity?

  • Are you sometimes so focused on your goals that you lose sight of what is happening in the moment?

  • Do you ever feel like the communication expectations of others are too much for you to meet?

  • Are you frustrated by people who break rules?

  • Are you more drawn to logic than emotion?

  • Are you triggered by others' lack of professionalism?

  • Is it easy for you to separate work life and home life?

  • Do you eat carbs every day and hardly put on weight?


  • Does feeling cold stress you out?

  • Are you more comfortable in a small gathering than a big party?

  • Do you find yourself constantly scanning to make sure everything is safe?

  • Do you feel yourself to be very cerebral (is your mind constantly racing)?

  • Do you find yourself being affected by everything around you, including other people, EM Fields, or distant sounds?

  • Are you only able to eat food comfortably when you are relaxed and feeling safe?

  • Does your digestion suffer if you eat in a stressed state?

  • Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight?