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Hologram Vitruvian man, the structure of

What is ph360?

In anthropometry, it is known that every individual has unique divine ratios throughout the body that indicate their current state of health through conformation or deviation.


Ph360 discovered over a decade ago that using anthropometric measurements as markers of health and disease was not only useful but was deeply integrated with lifestyle, and therefore could be influenced. Similarly, the body displays precise signs and symptoms (semiotics) that can be used to provide even more data on our health and gene expression. 


In short your body on the outside is a direct reflection of your health on the inside. From these simple physical assessments, ph360™ personalises data specifically to your body, right now.

Being a diplomat.

By nature, Diplomats are dependable, easy-going, and enjoy pleasurable experiences. You do well with a predictable, patterned routine and, when motivated by a fierce desire, your focus and discipline allows you to achieve any goals you set.

You enjoy learning and will obey the rules unless the rules prevent your enjoyment. You are a dependable employee and friend, are easy to get along with and, with your enduring sense of fairness and your ability to recognize and honor various points of view, are a natural mediator and manager.

Your body is built to resist harsh circumstances and you may notice that you have less sensitivity to pain than others. You are extremely resilient, don’t often complain about being sick and weak, and are rarely bothered by small things. You can lift weights easily, and have the potential for exceptional endurance. Often your physical strength is matched by mental strength and endurance too!

How do we know this? It’s in your body. Signup for the full test if you want to understand the meaning of a diplomat in depth.

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