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Karen Yosafat Beleck

Hello My Friends!
Some of you may know me as Karen, and some of you may know me as,
Grandmother Coach: The Unconventional Whole Life Coach

I have been working with clients for years to help them reclaim the magic in their lives. Below are the two areas you can learn more about.


Karen Yosafat Beleck, CEnKP, NBCR, CLP

Who Are You Really?

Discover the true you who you were born to be.

Find validation in knowing the truth of who you really are. What are the healthiest options for you in all areas of your life?

Let's find out.
Lose the Baggage
Grab a LifeLine® to the next best version of yourself.


Remember how as a child, the world was full of wonder and you could climb every mountain? How every flower blossom held a dream, and the stars supported you? You could be or do anything you dreamed of!


But then somehow, you lost that wonder and the world became dull and grey. The mountains became impossibly tall and full of sharp pointy rocks, the flowers became full of pollen, and the stars became distant nuclear reactors.


What if I told you that that wonder never truly became lost? 


You just forgot how to listen! As we gain more experience in the world, we stop listening to our subconscious. That magical childhood wonder lives in our subconscious. 


I am a translator between you and your subconscious. I help you navigate life’s sticking points to help you manifest the true abundance in your life. The universe can place obstacles in your way and you can either choose to learn from them, or get stuck behind this block. 


As a Life Coach and a translator of the subconscious, I help you learn what these blocks are and how to overcome them. When working with me you go from mundane to magical, and reclaim the wonder in your life!

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