Karen was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but grew up South of the Mason-Dixon Line in Roanoke, Virginia. She was always interested in crafting and was a fiber artist before the term existed!


After graduating high school, she spent one year in University, and then spent two years living and learning in Israel, where she learned to speak fluent Hebrew, and lived on a Kibbutz, a collective farming settlement.


Returning to the United States, she spent the next three years working part time, and finishing her undergraduate degree.  After graduation, she moved to Texas where she married, and started her family. 


After a brief sojourn of eight months back in Israel, the family settled in Richmond, Virginia, and then, as the family grew, moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where the final child was born.  


During her marriage, Karen experienced the joys of being a Tupperware Manager driving a company car, a creative and energetic Teacher of people from Kindergarten through adults, and she created a Nationally acclaimed Kosher Gourmet Gift Basket Business.  In addition, for twenty two years, Karen was The Oat Matza Lady, helping people in need procure Gluten Free Oat Matza for the Passover Holiday.  


After 25 years, the marriage ended, and Karen applied herself to learning all she could about Healing and Energy Work.


For the last few decades, Karen has been on a quest to learn and share all her Healing Knowledge with others.  Along the way, she encountered many magical people who helped her experience the wonders of farm life, milking goats, growing herbs, organic gardening, raising sheep, gathering eggs, spinning yarn and dyeing wool, and weaving her own dyed yarn.  She also created Educational opportunities, including programs from The Little Urban Farm in the Big City, and these programs can still be found at Renaissance Festivals and Faerie Festival along the East Coast.  The Sheep to Shawl Experience is her grassroots mission to share her passion for farm animals and fiber arts with her community, using many mediums of arts and crafts for therapeutic benefit.  Karen continues to offer small group craft classes in her home. 


Her experience with the Faerie Festivals led her to develop a wonderful character called Faerie Grandmother.  As Faerie Grandmother, Karen is a Magical, Playful, Good-Advice Giving, Sparkle Faerie.  With all the Initials after her name in the “mundane” world, Faerie Grandmother is well suited to Listening, and Advising you in acting on the Dreams and Desires you keep in your heart.  Faerie Grandmother is your Biggest Cheerleader!!


As an Alternative Health Practitioner, Karen Yosafat Beleck has over thirty years of experience working with children and adults, and is passionate about supporting the health and wellness of others. Using a variety of holistic health modalities, Karen helps people bring balance to their body, mind, and spirit through individual and group sessions.  


Additionally, Karen works with clients over Skype and Zoom, anywhere in the world. She is also certified to teach many of the modalities she practices, and is available to lead health seminars/workshops upon request. Throughout the year, Karen also hosts other practitioners who lead workshops at her Maryland Kinesiology and Wellness Center (MDKWI).  Using a variety of techniques and modalities, Karen helps others on their journey to balance and well-being.  

Using an integrative approach, Karen offers clients and students invaluable tools for healing and maintaining health. Whether you are facing temporary stress, chronic illness, or looking for ways to promote a healthier lifestyle in your home or community, Karen is dedicated to helping improve your quality of life. She works with clients to address emotional and energetic imbalances, which may be manifesting in physical symptoms. The goal: to bring balance to your body, mind, and spirit. 

The latest “tool” in her healing tool box is Endorsement as a PH360 Health Coach, where individualization and personalization are emphasized, assuring that there is NO “one size fits all” solution for any issue.


Karen is...

  • Director of the Maryland Kinesiology & Wellness Institute

  • Former Vice President of the National Touch For Health Kinesiology Association

  • A former Officer on the Executive Board of Directors for EnKA (Energy Kinesiology Association)  

  • A Certified Energy Kinesiology Practitioner (CEnKP)

  • A Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist (for hands and feet)

  • A Certified Life Line Practitioner 

  • A Certified LifeLine Ignite Teacher

  • A formerly registered Touch For Health® Instructor with the International Kinesiology College

  • A former licensed Brain Gym® Instructor and Consultant with the Educational Kinesiology Foundation

  • A level 1 Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner.

  • A soon to be Endorsed PH360 Health Coach