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Welcome to Magical
Faerie Grandmother's Home Page

Hello there!  
I am Faerie Grandmother.  I listen to the Secret Dreams from your Heart, and I give you Good Advice to help you achieve those Dreams, helping you to move forward in Life.   I Love to bring Joy, Hope and Magic to Your Event, Festival, Party, or Faire!   
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Faerie Grandmother is a Magical, Playful, Good Advice Giving,
Sparkle Faerie.  With a lot of Initials after her Name in the mundane world, Faerie Grandmother is well suited to Listening, and Advising
you in acting on those Dreams and Desires you keep in your heart. 
Faerie Grandmother is your Biggest Cheerleader!!

Faerie Grandmother is NOT Fairy Godmother.  and she does NOT grant wishes! 

You can also invite Faerie Grandmother to come to your Faire, Festival or Event, and sit in her Beautiful Pavilion, along with her Magical Faerie Court of Large and Whimsical Stuffed Animals, to offer advice and Magically Charged Dream Stones to individuals.

More information on Appearances 

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