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Feedback From Clients:

"I want to thank Karen for such a wonderful session.  I learned so much about the process, but most of all about myself.  I was definitely in a better place, mentally, after our session.  Karen helped me recognize and accept things in my life that were troublesome.  After the session, I was not as anxious or stressed about these things.  I had a feeling of peace when we parted, and I am very appreciative of the time and expertise Karen gave.  l continue to use ''Infinite Love and Gratitude'' everyday -- it works to calm my mind whenever I need it throughout my day."

~ Client T.S.

"Tonight I had a second session with Karen Beleck in The LifeLine Technique, which was equally as impactful as the first session was for me.

The process unfolds like a flower blooming, like a processional of insights into myself.  While many of the initial insights were familiar to me, Karen took me on a journey filled with crossroads and connections I had not made before.  Using this method, she was able to point me in different directions, and layer by layer I gained deeper insights into both my physical and spiritual self.

I look forward to seeing how future sessions will help me embrace my life's journey in newer and more meaningful ways.  I experienced numerous changes after our first session -- shifts in energy, feeling, and action, which have left me feeling very good about my life and potential paths to more happiness and fulfillment.  I hope to continue growing from and through this process.  I value working with Karen to clarify issues in my life that have brought negativity, and I look forward to embracing my greatest potential.

I am happy that Karen has brought this type of healing into her practice of Energy Kinesiology.  It is an amazing technique and can benefit all who choose to try it."

~ Client K.H.

"I have benefited so much from the modalities offered at Maryland Kinesiology and Wellness Institute over the past years, so I was very excited to try The LifeLine Technique, though I was completely unprepared for these dynamic results.

After seven years of managing pain and disabilities from my auto accident, The LifeLine Technique has opened a completely different channel -- instead of managing pain, I am choosing to live without it!  In the past six weeks, my mind has moved from thoughts of disability to restoration, and after only two sessions, I felt my pain diminish to a point where I can't even remember to take my pain medications anymore!

It's not just a modality being applied to heal, but a way to unify and reconnect my mind, body and spirit.  I am seeing improvements in my physical body, and even my work life is improving as I now reach beyond my previous limitations.  I feel connected to a power source that is transforming my thoughts, through a focus on Infinite Love and Gratitude in the world.

I want to describe the tremendous impact of The Lifeline Technique!  It facilitates a transition from being tied to our infirmities and limitations, to choosing to be in a state of wellness; it opens up a connection to who we are absent the symptoms of stress and disease that we previously allowed in our lives.  The LifeLine Technique teaches us to understand the language that our bodies, minds, and spirits use to communicate and transform.  

I am so thankful to be working with Karen.  She is such a caring and knowledgeable LifeLine practitioner.  She is helping me connect with the power around me as well as the power within.  I could not be more thrilled, and I look forward to what treasures our future sessions will help me excavate and renew!"

~ Client A.B.

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