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At Weekend Festivals and Full Day shows:

Faerie Grandmother sits in her beautiful
pavilion, surrounded by her Faerie Court
of Large and Whimsical Stuffed Animals
and Creatures.

For events lasting a few hours:


Faerie Grandmother sits on her bench with her
mushroom stools, or folding benches available
for the "Petitioners".

​​No matter what your age, Faerie Grandmother listens
to the secret dreams from your heart, and gives you
Good Advice to help you achieve those dreams.

Your investment
is $125 per hour, for shorter events, or  $750 per day (8 hours maximum).

This investment includes the cost of the Dream Stones and the Silken Bags.

In addition, there is a travel fee of $.50 per mile from the Home Cottage. 

To hire Faerie Grandmother for your event, and to discuss specific details,
please contact her Here.

Each "petitioner" is made aware of the differences
between Faerie Grandmother, and Faerie Godmother. 
Faerie Godmother Grants Wishes.  Faerie Grandmother Listens
to Your Inner Dreams, and helps you move forward in Life.


At the end of your personal "interview", you will be invited to use
Your Own Energy to choose One Polished Dream Stone from
Faerie Grandmother's Good Dream Bowl.  Once the stone is chosen,  
you will be instructed to hold the stone between your palms, and
Faerie Grandmother will help you to Energetically
"Charge" your chosen Dream Stone.  

When Faerie Grandmother deems that the Stone is fully Charged,
using her Magical Energetic (and Certified**) Powers, you will then
drop the stone in a small silken bag.  Take this Special, REAL,
Magical Stone home and keep it under your pillow,
to help your Good Dreams Manifest into Reality. 

**CEnKP--Certified Energy Kinesiology Practitioner, NBCR--Nationally Board
Certified Reflexologist, CLP--Certified LifeLine Practitioner, and Instructor of Educational
Kinesiology-Brain Gym, Touch for Health Kinesiology, and Ear, Hand and Foot Reflexology


This is a one-on-one type of situation.  Good for people of all ages. As each "interview" is private and personal, I have no video of these sessions. Photos are at the bottom of the page.




Faire Cover.jpg

 Faerie Grandmother is 
your Biggest Cheerleader! 

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