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Celebrate your

Special Occasion with a

Magical Faerie Party created by Faerie Grandmother

Pink Fairy with Wand
Pink Fairy with Wand
Gold Crown
Faerie Grandmother

Faerie Grandmother's Party for Younglings

Faerie Grandmother will help your Youngling celebrate her special day. Faerie Grandmother will greet the guests and lead a special crowning ceremony for the Guest of Honor. Faerie Grandmother will tell the Younglings a Magical Faerie Story and help them create a special craft that they can make during the application of Silk Sparkle Hair Strands. The Guest of Honor will receive 12 strands, while the other Younglings will receive 6 each. For the finale, Faerie Grandmother will lead the Younglings in a Faerie Ring Dance with Special Faerie Music.
For ages 3+. Parental supervision required for 3 and 4 year old party guests
75+ minute experience
$350 for up to 10 guests, $30 for each additional guest
$0.50 additional per travel mile
We request that parents wait until after the Faerie Party ends to serve refreshments and have gift opening time
Fairy Birthday Party

B. Kelly

Become a Faerie Party

Do you want to discover your own inner Faerie? What kind of Faerie are you? What's your Faerie name?  What do your wings look like? Let one of our Faerie Court come and teach you and your party the ins and outs of what it means to be a Faerie and help you discover your own Faerie identity. Each guest will leave with their own Faerie accessory and an official Faerie name certificate, as well as a special gift for the Guest of Honor.
For ages 7+
90 minute experience
1 Faerie Character and 1 Sparkle Faerie Helper
$350 for up to 10 guests, $30 for each additional guest
$0.50 additional per travel mile
Birthday Girl Wish
Fairy Tale Book

Girls' Night Out (or in!)

Let us come and make your special event, or random Tuesday night, Sparkle! The perfect addition to a Bachelorette Brunch, Birthday Party, or Movie Night in. We'll come to you and bring:
  • Faerie Punch. We'll bring the punch, the glasses and the garnishes for a photo-worthy drink. Whether or not you'd like to add a kick to it is up to you. (WE cannot provide any form of alcohol. Faerie Land has rules!)
  • Our treasure chest of magical Faerie photo props
  • Application of Silk Sparkle Strands: 12 for each guest
$200 for up to 5 guests, $35 for each additional guest. Final Headcount 48 hours in advance. (It takes time to magic up the Faerie punch!)
$0.50 additional per travel mile
Costume by request
Fairies Dancing

B. Kelly

Sparkles on Location

We can bring our Faerie Nail Samples with us to any
Sparkles on Location party

You don't have to come to us for Sparkles, we can come to you! For additional travel fees, we will come to your event with our full array of hair sparkles. Contact us to coordinate a time when we can come to your group. For more information check this page.
Pricing: regular price of Sparkles for each person
Minimum TOTAL Sparkle Strand Purchase $250
$0.50 additional per travel mile
Costume by request

Visit our Contact page to book your Faerie Party!

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