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Faerie Tailes

Our Faerie Tailes are hair ties/pony tail holders. These Faerie Tailes are decorated with yarn falls of varying lengths, fibers, and colors. Faerie Tailes come in five different approximate lengths of 10 inches, 13 inches, 16 inches, 19 inches, and 24 inches long. Each handmade Faerie Taile is unique and adorned with a hand crocheted (by Faerie Grandmother herself!) removable flower pin, which can be used as a separate accessory! Faerie Tailes can be worn as a pair or individually. We also have some Faerie Tailes that can be made into a pair if you desire. 


Our Faerie Nectar Blossom Bundles come from our dearest friends, the Honeybee Queen and her many daughters. Each morning as the sun rises the Queen sends some of her daughters out to gather as much nectar as possible to keep the Faerie Realm full of treats and delights. When honeybees gather nectar from the same plant species, the honey produced from that nectar has a distinctive flavor! Her Highness has chosen to share ten different varieties of honey from the Faerie Realm. Each Blossom Bundle is presented with a laser cut wooden charm/ornament. The varieties included are Blackberry Blossom, Clover Blossom, California Coriander Blossom, Meadowfoam Blossom, California Orange Blossom, Raspberry Blossom, Sage Blossom, Yellow Star Thistle Blossom, Hawaiian Wildflower Blossom, and North American Wildflower Blossom


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Faerie Fidgits

As you can see Faerie Fidgits are for everyone, even Faerie Grandmother herself has been known to play with them from time to time!

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