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The Sheep To Shawl Experience is formatted as a presentation for groups in multiple settings. The materials pictured on The Process page (with the exception of live sheep) are portable and can be brought to classrooms and other community settings so that individuals can have a dynamic, hands-on experience while learning about the Sheep to Shawl process. 

Presentations run approximately 75 minutes, during which time participants are able to handle fleece, practice the carding process, handle spinning materials, and practice weaving on a variety of looms. In order to optimize the experience, presentations are capped at 40 participants per session. Larger groups can be easily accommodated by running multiple sessions.

Presentations can also be formatted to discuss historical contexts, and to appeal to a variety of age groups. For example, in public schools, The Sheep To Shawl Experience can focus on the shearing and weaving practices used in the time of America's Founding Fathers. In Jewish private schools and religious settings, the presentation can demonstrate the 13 categories of actions used in the construction of the tapestries of the Tabernacle. In Christian school settings, the presentation can unveil the hands-on process of cloth production in the time of Jesus.    

Popular Venues for Hosting The Sheep To Shawl Experience

  • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America

  • Youth camps

  • Public schools

  • Religious schools and organizations

  • Senior activity centers

  • Therapeutic recreation settings

If you or your organization are interested in hosting The Sheep To Shawl Experience, please fill out the Inquiry Form by clicking here >

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